I build simple software that amazes your customers

I’m Abdullah Alhusaini, I’ve been developing software for a few years, some of the languages I’ve used in the past include JavaScript, Python, Go, and Elixir.

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Good software is simple

Good software has a simple UI - like this website - I like to keep things simple, no one wants to navigate through a website/app with millions of menus.

Simplicity is the secret to good design.

What I’m working on

Right now, I’m working on a few projects, Something might catch your eye.

Daarb Podcast - Growing Saudi IT Talents

A podcast where I discuss programming topics in Arabic to build Saudi IT talents. Topics covered include: how AI works, deploying your app to AWS, and solving the knapsack problem with Machine learning.

DevAgent.io - an AI that learns instantly.

DevAgent is a tool I helped build during the lablab.me hackathon, the biggest AI contest in the MENA region. It uses a series of proprietary technologies to learn any topic without requiring an expensive and long training process.

With this tool, your company will get answers based on your data quickly, promptly, and without mistakes.

The official demo knows the Python programming language. But we can easily setup an instance that knows all about your business instead. Contact me for more details!

Dungeon Breakout

Dungeon Breakout is a game that uses AI to build an underground labyrinth with many encounters and scenarios. The goal is to escape the dungeon with as much treasure as possible.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, this project is in pre-alpha. You can’t download the game just yet. I’m working on an alpha version as fast as possible.

I want to see more cool projects!

I’d love to share more projects. But attention spans are short in our day and age. You can check out my GitHub to see more interesting tidbits.

Can I work with you?

Certainly! At the moment, I offer 3 services


PermaSites is a special method for businesses and ecommerce stores to host their sites. Here’s how it works:

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a developer who then charges you even more money to make changes. I switched things up to help your business thrive!

Instead of getting charged for every little change you want. You only have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $199 USD.

Want to have an awesome website up and running with 0 effort? Contact me to get started!

Custom Software Development

Some businesses need custom software to be built to reach their goals. Not every requirement can be met with a simple website or ecommerce store. For custom work, please contact me to get a quote.


Are you exploring a possible project or idea? Maybe you want a Proof-of-Concept to test a theory? This is where the consulting service comes in. We can get on a call where we discuss your technical challenges and come up with solutions to solve them.

Because I’m so confident in my ability to deliver results. I’m giving you the first 30 minutes of consulting for free!

Contact me to start our session!